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[OSRS] Mr Crabs - Rock, Sand & Ammonite crabs | Auto-walk to Crabs | Anti-crash | Potions | Banking | Special attack | Ammo looting | Magic support


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🦀Mr Crabs🦀

The most popular combat training method 1-99



Full food/potion support

Randomised resetting

Special attack option

Alching between attacks


Looting options

  • Ammo
  • Fossils (Ammonite crabs only)
  • Food (Spinach rolls/seaweed, extend your trips!)



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Love this script!! Just have two issue. Isn't the re aggro path a bit sus? It takes the same route everytime.

Also the anti-afk is a bit sus as well no? Having an action be performed after X seconds the same everytime?

Couldn't that be easily detecable? Just wondering. 



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