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This guide is meant to help users that are new to PowBot get started. It goes over the installation of the prerequisites, downloading the client, registering your PowBot account and picking your first scripts. 


Step 1) Registering a forum account


To start using PowBot you need a forum account, so let's get that started first. Open the registration form by clicking HERE, or using the Sign up button in the top right of this page. Fill out the form with a valid e-mail address, as you'll need to verify it to continue. After registration, your forum account will be used to log in to the PowBot client and script repository, and you'll be able to participate in community discussions.


Step 2) Installing OpenJDK 11 from AdoptOpenJDK


In order to run PowBot on your computer, you will have to install Java 11. You can download Java 11 for free from AdoptOpenJDK.net.

Install it by opening the downloaded installer, and using the default settings provided. Once it's installed proceed to the next step.


Step 3) Downloading the PowBot Launcher


The next step is to download the PowBot Launcher from the home page of our website. The launcher is the program that automatically downloads the latest available version of PowBot for you and runs it. You will be using it for all of your botting, so save it somewhere you'll be able to find it easily. 

Step 4) Starting PowBot

Double-click the PowBot Launcher file you downloaded in the previous step - assuming everything has gone well so far the client should open up.


On the first start of the client, it will ask you to create a master password. This password is used to encrypt your personal information, and is not stored in the client. The main reason this is something you should want, is because it makes sure that if you get a virus or someone gains access to your computer they will not be able to access your account information. If you feel like this is something you don't need, you can leave the text field empty and press OK, in which case your data will be encrypted with a standard password and you won't have to enter a password every time you start the client.


After pressing the OK button the client will open up and start loading the game and present you with this login dialog.

The login details you want to use here are the same ones you use for your forum account.

Step 5) Picking your scripts


In order to automate the game, PowBot relies on scripts developed by the community. These scripts are essentially a bunch of commands, packed into a file, that make the bot client do things such as move the virtual mouse, click an object or NPC, interact with items and so forth. You can obtain new scripts at any time from our script repository, which you can find by clicking HERE. Simply browse through the repository, pick some scripts that you find interesting and add them to your account by pressing the ADD button.

Step 6) Starting the scripts on PowBot


You can start a script in the PowBot client by opening the File menu and pressing the Play button. You'll see a new window pop up with all the scripts you have access to.

Simply select the script you want to run in the list on the left-side of the dialog, optionally select your RuneScape account (otherwise you'll have to log it in manually), and press the Start button.

That's all! We hope you enjoy PowBot, and if you have any more questions please create a thread in the support section, or join our Discord!



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