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Please Read This Before Posting a Request Thread


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Requesting a script to be made

This section exists so users can request a script to be made. Read the rules below before posting.


Requesting a script

Search the SDN for the script you want.

If the script is not on the SDN, then it's likely there is an open request for it.

If there is an open request for it, please do not make another thread.

If there is not an open request, you can make a request thread.


What to include when requesting a script

A clear description of what you're looking for ("Rooftop Agility")

Include details of what the script needs to be able to do in the thread description ("Runs laps at the rooftop courses")

A link to additional resources/guides for more details ("Link")


Abusive scripts are not allowed. (spamming, gambling, scamming)





Links if needed:

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