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Vorkath Script

Claire Lovely

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I saw this on OSBot and I think it would make for a good impletation in PowerBot:

The type of accounts that can do Vorkath take a while to make and lots of testing would be required to get it right, but if done so this could be one of the best end game scripts for experienced botters and be one of the most valuable scripts sold.

I think it should be able to use both Range and Melee with support for multiple Teleport options.

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The reason for a lack of vorkath scripts is exactly as you pointed out, the accounts take a while to create, let alone the 100m in gear to kill it efficiently.


Ive thought about doing one but I’m. It sure it would get much use because of said requirements.

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Someone had a dope frost dragon script in like 2009, this reminds me of that. But Vorkath, oof. My level requirements are getting there but I have yet to do DS2. If I get there and you still need an acc I got you.

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