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New Goldfarming House Photos

Claire Lovely

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Hello everyone, it is great to see the return of this site. I did a bit of botting with the PowerBot client in 2018 at Lava Dragons.

So I started a RuneScape services recently and I have this great team in the Phillipines that is helping out. Recently they have moved into this new apartment and I thought that I would share some photos.

One of the things they like to do when not playing RuneScape is rescuing dogs that are abandoned by others or do not have a home. They currently have 6 rescues and are looking into getting much more.

I've received a very positive response on some other sites I've shared this on so far, and we're more motivated to continue helping animals while offering a high quality of services.






This last dog here was bathed in heating oil by the old owner in an attempt to remove fleas, but she now has a home and is on the way to recovery.

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3 hours ago, Toma said:

All of their hard earned RS money is going to dog food.

So some kind donors from America have helped with some of the expenses, but I think we can get to the point of rescuing 20 dogs not long from now, once we scale the farm and get the bots running to.

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