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Fight Cave Plugin | Live Spawn Predictor & Map | Jad Pray Helper | Pray Flick Timer

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Fight Cave Plugin



  • Live Spawn Predictor
    • Will accurately detect when and where* monsters will spawn
      • *Displays on a map making safespotting easier than ever
  • Jad Pray Helper
    • Highlights what to pray when
  • Untagged Healer notifications
  • Low Stat Notifications
    • Alerts for low stats
      • HP
      • Prayer
      • Range
  • Pray Flick Timers
    • Guitar Hero like bars moving closer to the prayer
      • Color coded for ease

How to

  • Start the script wherever, select your settings and off you go.
  • Remember, this is a plugin, it won't click for you.
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  • Dan changed the title to Fight Cave Plugin | Live Spawn Predictor & Map | Jad Pray Helper | Pray Flick Timer
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12 minutes ago, Raunoo321 said:

I mean, damn. Its pretty good actually, is there already a feature that shows where exactly to safespot? Is it possible to add it in case its not added yet?

Hey mate, it doesn’t say where to stand but before you kill the last monster of the wave you can see where the monsters will spawn so you can get prepped for where to stand.

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