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Found 2 results

  1. Fight Cave Plugin Features Live Spawn Predictor Will accurately detect when and where* monsters will spawn *Displays on a map making safespotting easier than ever Jad Pray Helper Highlights what to pray when Untagged Healer notifications Low Stat Notifications Alerts for low stats HP Prayer Range Pray Flick Timers Guitar Hero like bars moving closer to the prayer Color coded fo
  2. AutoFightCaves I'm in the process of working on a fight cave / fire cape script. Figured I'd document my journey along the way. So it initially started back on PowerBot when I was (still am) playing legit. Got my first Jad slayer task and had only done the fight caves a few times. And yeah, I'll admit, I bought my first firecape when I was like 10, so it's not like I even really learned it. But fast forward some years and I'm on a near maxed combat account and a decent bank, so I figured why not try to learn it.. Well that took a dive when I realised that unlike Zulr