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    Mostly old fags
  2. I think RS3 is cool but it feels like I have to choose between osrs and rs3. osrs is the original game I played so I stick with that for now.
  3. For smithing iron bars, it takes the right ores but it tries to smelt silver at the furnace instead of iron.
  4. Got the same issue with banking.
  5. Hi, Just fired up the basic chopper. After x amount of trees (seems pretty random) it stops for a very long time (minutes). Is that normal or is this part of some pattern thing? The pause seemed rather long to me.
  6. Ironhide

    We're alive!

    Good question, I was underaged at that time so PayPal kept limiting my account and I think I simply got other interests after a while.
  7. Ironhide

    We're alive!

    I hope this works out guys.
  8. Give me my postcount back while we are at it.