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  1. Type: GameObject Name: Door Location: Tile(3115, 3449, 0) Destination: Tile(3115, 3450, 0) (also door tile) Action: "Open" Any other requirements: Item: "Brass key" ID: 983
  2. I will update the guide in the coming week.
  3. You should join discord for quicker response. You might have higher version of java installed. You should check in cmd.
  4. When entering MTA, it stops right after it enters the gate (X marks the destination tile). When I start at X with destination at duel arena bank it goes around the arena, instead of going directly (through the east side). Maybe that part isn't mapped.
  5. Starting in lumby castle yard, end point is varrock square. Instead of teleporting (runes in inventory) , it walks. Current client (not rc)
  6. Type: GameObject Name: Trapdoor Action: "Pick-Lock", once the trapdoor is open -> "Climb-down" Location: Tile(3165, 3251, 0) Destination: Tile(3149, 9652, 0) Any other requirements: Varpbits that change when trapdoor is successfully picked: 174 - 0 (0x0) -> 16384 (0x4000)
  7. Type: GameObject Name: Doorway Action: Enter Location: Tile(3363, 3299, 0) (doorway's tile) Destination: Tile(3363, 3300, 0) when entering MageTrainingArna, when exiting Tile(3363, 3298, 0) Widgets: N/A Any other requirements: Members only
  8. I pretty much agree with everything you've said.
  9. Toma


    Automates activities inside the MTA minigame Features: All 4 activities (enchanting, graveyard, telekinesis, alchemy) Chaining activities in any order with custom pizazz point goals Customize settings - staff for each activity and/or additional runes Enable Bones to Peaches (if you have it unlocked) for better points/hour How to: Start anywhere between Duel Arena bank and MTA You MUST have Progress Hat either in inventory or equipped Graceful armor and other weight-reducing items are highly recommended If you're going
  10. https://github.com/powbot/api/blob/master/src/main/java/org/powerbot/script/rt4/GenericItem.java
  11. I think that has changed, or at least it was supposed to(for ground items(?)).
  12. Starting at lumbridge yard, end tile near duel arena ,Tile(3314,3233,0) . It uses ring of dueling but it just hovers over "Al Kharid Duel Arena" option. Not sure if paying 10gp toll for AlKharid Gate shortcut is supposed to be supported ( yes, I haven't done that shitty quest), but it's not working.