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  1. Desktop client was down. It should be working now.
  2. I fixed it but you'll need to wait till webwalking fix gets merged. Atm it can't walk to/from bank properly. It should work fine if you start it inside the MTA.
  3. Toma

    ZMI Script

    I think someone was making one? Maybe @Dan
  4. Ugh. Next time translate to English please. You'll need 64-bit os to install it I believe. I also recommend upgrading to Windows 10.
  5. Looks ok. I haven't tested it but maybe it would improve performance if you test for inViewport when moving towards something - https://bit.ly/3fok4KB. Have you tried using reachable for finding marks? It may simplify some checks (if it works). Also, I think you should probably add basic healing. You can literally just filter anything edible( actions contain "Eat" and/or "Drink") - https://bit.ly/2QPFab3. Otherwise, nice work. No bans from agi script is impressive 😄
  6. Hey. Those are just warnings so you can ignore them. Nothing to do with the script.
  7. Toma


    Mobile is VIP only. There are a few scripts available.
  8. Added Are you trying to climb ladder in the mill ( destination is upstairs) ? If so it won't work until I push the fix.
  9. https://www.java.com/en/download/help/path.html Remove java11 if it's in the path and add bin folder of the java8 (like in the pic but version 8). Then if you want to use 11 for PowBot. Create a text file and put (change your path if it's different) C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-11\bin -jar PowBot.jar Save it as PowBot.bat
  10. If you use java 11 only for Powbot , you can keep java8 in Path (environment variable) and run Powbot.jar from cmd with java11. Something like path_to_java11/bin/java.exe -jar PowBot.jar Or put that in a .bat file
  11. Type: GameObject Name: Door Location: Tile(3115, 3449, 0) Destination: Tile(3115, 3450, 0) (also door tile) Action: "Open" Any other requirements: Item: "Brass key" ID: 983