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  1. It's fletching properly now, found the issue.
  2. I've had this issue several times with mobile, it's not updating the npc location, you can see its clicking the previous location of the fish. I added an extra check when on mobile so hopefully it'll work better.
  3. Seen some recent progress reports from you, I presume it's fixed? Was likely a client issue.
  4. The client's been fixed now, I saw you had a 2 hour run recently.
  5. Could you send me the logs under Help>View log? EDIT: Sorry I think I found an issue with the desktop client, will be updated in a few minutes.
  6. Single tap mode When enabled, tap once to bring up menu, tap again to select menu item. If there is only 1 menu option, the first tap interacts with first menu option. When disabled, tap to interact with first menu option, tap and hold to bring up menu. The .interact() method only works properly if this mode is enabled. If it is not enabled, you will get this error followed by the client automatically enabling the current tap mode. You can disable auto enabling by ctx.setForceSingleTap(false) org.powerbot.script.rt4.Menu - Menu not opened within 1000ms - is single tap enabled? org.powerbot.script.rt4.Menu - enabling singletap Tap to drop mode When enabled, tap once on an item to drop it, tap and hold item for other options. Everything else tap to interact with first menu option. When disabled, same as above but no single tap item dropping. Everything tap to interact with first menu option. With this setting enabled or disabled and attempting to use .interact(), the menu will never open and always fail. Separate tap to drop in settings This setting overrides inventory actions so tap forces drop, tap and hold brings up menu. Only makes sense to be used in conjunction with Single tap mode. WARNING Disabling Single tap mode will disable Tap to drop setting, but reenabling Single tap mode WILL NOT reenable the Tap to drop setting Currently no API method to check if this is ticked (correct me if I'm wrong) There is also no API method to change the tap type, the user must set it themselves Every case, Single tap mode enabled by itself will work, however it will not necessarily be efficient, worst case doubling the amount of taps required. I'm also attempting to avoid tap and hold as this requires the object to not move and there is no direct API method to tap and hold an object right now. Example cases and best settings to use Dismissing randoms Dismiss is not first option, either disable random dismissing or have Single tap mode enabled ctx.setDismissRandoms(false) OR ctx.setForceSingleTap(true) ctx.game.setMouseActionToggled(true) ctx.game.getMouseToggle() == Game.MouseToggleAction.SINGLETAP General fishing Fishing spot not always first option (example Cage/Harpoon spots), inventory dropping Single tap mode enabled, Tap to drop setting enabled ctx.setForceSingleTap(true) ctx.game.setMouseActionToggled(true) ctx.game.getMouseToggle() == Game.MouseToggleAction.SINGLETAP Minnows Minnows first option is always Fish Single tap mode disabled OR any Tap to drop mode Woodcutting Tree first option always Chop, inventory dropping Single tap mode disabled, Tap to drop setting enabled ctx.setForceSingleTap(true) ctx.game.setMouseActionToggled(true) ctx.game.getMouseToggle() == Game.MouseToggleAction.SINGLETAP OR Tap to drop mode enabled ctx.setForceSingleTap(true) ctx.game.setMouseActionToggled(true) ctx.game.getMouseToggle() == Game.MouseToggleAction.DROP Making wines at a chest Chest first menu option is Bank and both items first option is Use. Single tap mode disabled OR Tap to drop mode disabled ctx.setForceSingleTap(false) ctx.game.setMouseActionToggled(false) Making battlestaves at a bank NPC Bank NPC first option is Talk-to, battlestaves first option is Wield ctx.setForceSingleTap(true) ctx.game.setMouseActionToggled(true) ctx.game.getMouseToggle() == Game.MouseToggleAction.SINGLETAP
  7. I've updated picking up the marks of grace, for stopping after two runs if you could post the logs that'd be helpful.
  8. A lot of repeated code in your courses, all the overrided functions can be put into your Course class as well as the variables. https://github.com/Paberimees/PaperRooftops/blob/master/src/paperrooftops/utility/courses/CanifisRooftop.java#L90 Can also reduce this function to a single line public Obstacle getCurrentObstacle(Locatable x) { return trackList.stream().filter((obs) -> obs.getStartArea().containsOrIntersects(x)).findFirst().orElse(null); } You can use a JComboBox for selecting the course instead of using a switch statement to select course Make sure you're on Java language level 8+ for lambdas, helps condense code like this into a single line https://github.com/Paberimees/PaperRooftops/blob/master/src/paperrooftops/tasks/PickUpMarkOfGrace.java#L78
  9. Try again now, it should detect different food names again The bank withdrawing seems to be a client issue, I'll report it now.
  10. The script only eats the pie if you need the boost to run the course, was it not doing that?
  11. Can you send the log? Make sure the target level is higher than your current level.
  12. The issue of not starting has been resolved. I check the script threads daily, not so much other threads.