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  1. I know of 2 spots it gets stuck at, the tree and the pole vault. Added extra checks so it should click out of it faster. If it's a different spot, could you screenshot it? I adjusted the position it tries to click to so it shouldn't click in the bank as much if at all.
  2. Improved efficiency of the script, made adding extra delays optional in the GUI.
  3. I don't think this exists in OSRS, f2p bots still go to Karamja bank deposit.
  4. Which bank guy are you referring to? When banking for karambwans, most common method is fairy ring to Zanaris.
  5. I changed the path a bit so should be better, but imo there's no need to bank these fish.
  6. I tried running a script just with the script sleep running over and over, tried pausing and even allowing input while it was running, couldn't replicate.
  7. Why isn't your client covered with the "Powbot is taking a break" overlay when its taking a break? I can never do anything during a break cos that's covering everything.
  8. Fixed the paint issues With the stuck tiles, I can never replicate getting stuck when I want it to so its mostly trial and error to get it right. I did a quick run and the break resumed normally for me.