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  1. Could you send me the logs under Help>View log? EDIT: Sorry I think I found an issue with the desktop client, will be updated in a few minutes.
  2. Single tap mode When enabled, tap once to bring up menu, tap again to select menu item. If there is only 1 menu option, the first tap interacts with first menu option. When disabled, tap to interact with first menu option, tap and hold to bring up menu. The .interact() method only works properly if this mode is enabled. If it is not enabled, you will get this error followed by the client automatically enabling the current tap mode. You can disable auto enabling by ctx.setForceSingleTap(false) org.powerbot.script.rt4.Menu - Menu not opened within 1000ms - is single tap e
  3. I've updated picking up the marks of grace, for stopping after two runs if you could post the logs that'd be helpful.
  4. A lot of repeated code in your courses, all the overrided functions can be put into your Course class as well as the variables. https://github.com/Paberimees/PaperRooftops/blob/master/src/paperrooftops/utility/courses/CanifisRooftop.java#L90 Can also reduce this function to a single line public Obstacle getCurrentObstacle(Locatable x) { return trackList.stream().filter((obs) -> obs.getStartArea().containsOrIntersects(x)).findFirst().orElse(null); } You can use a JComboBox for selecting the course instead of using a switch statement to select course
  5. Try again now, it should detect different food names again The bank withdrawing seems to be a client issue, I'll report it now.
  6. The script only eats the pie if you need the boost to run the course, was it not doing that?
  7. Can you send the log? Make sure the target level is higher than your current level.
  8. The issue of not starting has been resolved. I check the script threads daily, not so much other threads.
  9. I know of 2 spots it gets stuck at, the tree and the pole vault. Added extra checks so it should click out of it faster. If it's a different spot, could you screenshot it? I adjusted the position it tries to click to so it shouldn't click in the bank as much if at all.
  10. Fixed. For anyone interested this is what I added to be closed. unwantedWidgets.put(595,"World map"); unwantedWidgets.put(553,"Report player"); unwantedWidgets.put(310,"Poll history"); unwantedWidgets.put(214,"Skill info"); unwantedWidgets.put(134,"Settings"); unwantedWidgets.put(65,"Bond pouch"); unwantedWidgets.put(84,"Equipment info"); unwantedWidgets.put(464,"Grand exchange prices"); unwantedWidgets.put(4,"Kept on death"); unwantedWidgets.put(119,"Quest/Achievement log");
  11. Improved efficiency of the script, made adding extra delays optional in the GUI.