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  1. Hi mate, I think a recent update broke something in the clients API; I've updated it with a work around for now. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Updated it, thanks for the heads up. Tested both on desktop and mobile working fine.
  3. Hi mate, I made some changes yesterday so might be to do with that, will check it out now.
  4. Yeah there's a couple issues with the build after the update, we're working through them on discord as we come across them. I'd suggest restarting the client, if the issues still persist, it may just take some time for Const_ to work through them.
  5. The client hasn’t been updated yet so no. I’ll let you know when I’ve pushed an update 👍
  6. I think there has been some component changes with the new spellbook being released today, will check after the update and fix.
  7. Gunna need a bit more info than that... Please post a screenshot of your gametab setup. Also please either send or post the logs found in help->view log