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  1. @const_ Does the loader no longer fetch its own?
  2. We now have an application process which can be found here:
  3. Unfortunately I don’t handle any of the payments, @_Rick or @const_should be able to help though.
  4. Next time you catch it, try and look at the log Help -> View log and send it over, might give us an idea of what it's doing.
  5. The loader will download it's own version of java 11 so no need to worry about what you have installed.
  6. I don't currently track the ores mined, just the difference in xp from starting to finishing the script. I can add it to my todo list, but it's just a bit more work than just adding it to the paint 🙂 However it should now deposit gems 🙂
  7. Hi mate, With speeds, it's really up to you, people feel more comfortable being able to change them but in reality, I use my mouse of 6000dpi which is much faster than the client is yet other people use like 400 so there's no reason it should cause any issues there, just whatever you feel comfortable with. With the spec, you selected 60% spec requirement but left off the power-up, Power Surge I believe it's called, gives you unlimited spec for a period of time. Speccing without this would give negligible xp difference so I didn't add it. But yeah, selected the Power Surge power-up a
  8. Can you send me the log please?
  9. To do stuff like that.