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  1. Dbuffed

    selfie thread

    Wasn't what I was expecting, you look so happy.
  2. Dbuffed#0067 - 345893819348287490 UID ty @dan nub.
  3. there was one a while ago near the volcano unless they removed it, haven't botted or considered in years.
  4. in free to play there was a guy by the volcano, they may have removed it but due to the pain in the ass going karajama>bank they added it. (this is for lobster fishing)
  5. I'm an old fag.

    1. Yoshiki


      you wish pal

    2. Dbuffed


      No, newfag.

  6. Anyone tested it yet? P.S. hello Coma.
  7. Stop talking, let me tea bag you.
  8. You will take the whole treefiddy. The whole girth.
  9. I have seen it before on I think a banned member.
  10. i'll treefiddy with you in a bedroom.
  11. You should just like all my posts, every time I post.
  12. Deal, admin for 100K GP.