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  1. So if I say I’m gonna kill myself on this website are you gonna send cops to my house?

  2. I’ve always been a bitch ass. Anything else is just you guys believing the lies I or someone else told you.
  3. That’s just because the fucking Jews run everything. also to be a cuck id have to have something to be cucked for which I have nothing so it’s more like stop being a depressing fuck.
  4. Ban it. Shouldn’t be legal to mutilate male babies when the same procedure is a felony to do to girls.
  5. I can’t think of any other reason why you’d be so upset about it. legit actual retards don’t care.... just you short haired dykes
  6. They’re also super hypocritical and honestly some of the most sexist and rude people I’ve ever met. #canceldykes2021
  7. Can I have double pips? I’ll take the old fag one too thx. 😘

    1. Yoshiki
    2. Led


      The only currency I have is blowjobs. Hope that works. 

    3. Yoshiki
  8. Imagine he doesn’t die and resigns because that was the plan the whole fucking time. Harris knew all about the criminal shit Biden and Obama were doing and she used that to strong-arm herself into power. She will be the president before 2024.
  9. Yes, lost, not at all a stolen election.
  10. Yes sorry i forgot, let this be the first pic: ill post more as i progress past milestones.
  11. 850+ level. Mostly hand trained, only botted a little bit of agility so far. 48 quest points and I got fossils island unlocked. gonna be extra careful with this account cause I am getting myself attached haha.
  12. The last one was a lot of speculative information so let’s just keep it basic. To bot smart you must: Accept that being permanently banned is a possibility (don’t bot an account you can’t risk losing, I.e: don’t bot on your main!) Don’t bot on new accounts, they scrutinize new accounts more than any others. Go train the accounts by hand and do a good amount of quests or tasks first. Avoid F2P botting, they want the new to RuneScape user experience to be a nice and clean version without the infamous swarms of bots in F2P, this means it’s not worth botting in most instances o
  13. 550+ level hand trained and 12qp i plan to do a lot more training on this account and a lot more quests before I try botting at all. I really think getting them to think you’re a legit player is an important part.