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  1. Led

    yes hello

    Book em danno
  2. Led

    Wat happened

    Hey Ari. Long time no see.
  3. Led

    Cat girls?

    1. Arcane


      It's a horn actually. Just some hot chick I found from a Discord server. 

      1615620921323 (1).jpg

  4. No I’m not gonna share his profile link, but he became a devout Muslim apparently, I know it’s him too.
  5. Led

    Dogs are sexy

    And nobody is gonna make me feel shame about it. 🖕🏻 and no I don’t fuck my dog...
  6. Led


    You forgot the old faggot, me
  7. I should update that pic I actually shaved my neckbeard off
  8. Hey no one is gonna shame me dogs are sexy 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. I’ve always been a bitch ass. Anything else is just you guys believing the lies I or someone else told you.
  10. That’s just because the fucking Jews run everything. also to be a cuck id have to have something to be cucked for which I have nothing so it’s more like stop being a depressing fuck.
  11. Ban it. Shouldn’t be legal to mutilate male babies when the same procedure is a felony to do to girls.
  12. I can’t think of any other reason why you’d be so upset about it. legit actual retards don’t care.... just you short haired dykes
  13. They’re also super hypocritical and honestly some of the most sexist and rude people I’ve ever met. #canceldykes2021
  14. Can I have double pips? I’ll take the old fag one too thx. 😘

    1. Yoshiki
    2. Led


      The only currency I have is blowjobs. Hope that works. 

    3. Yoshiki