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  1. Hmmm, I seem to be getting it on every run. Have ran it about 20 times and gets stuck behind the doors/gates. I assume its the ghost door issue?
  2. I think hopping worlds would leave less data to be profiled, if every time they do it they withdraw only 3-4 coins it could leave a pattern. Unless it can bring a random amount of coins between 4-20 for example Ill leave that up to you 🙂
  3. During X-MTS Quest, the player removes 3 coins from the bank to purchase a shovel from the store @ lumby. However if the lumby store has already sold majority of its shovels, the price of one shovel = 4 coins. This causes the bot to stall at this point
  4. TRxlutIqyc.mp4 Gets stuck in a loop trying to buy Burn bones from the GE. Purchase requirements from GE is selected option.
  5. Player gets stuck here trying to complete the quest by speaking to the wizard.
  6. Have just noticed the player also gets stuck here after collecting the flour. Moving him outside the building and resuming the script allows it to continue
  7. Manually walking back to the grand exchange, with the 3 goblin mail in bag, I restarted the quest with the same option selected. This time it took the cash stack from the bank and proceeded to buy the required dyes.
  8. After using the option "Use grand exchange to buy requirements", the quest progresses to the Goblin village, collects the necessary armor and proceeds to get stuck. This being a result of the script not purchasing the dyes I imagine.
  9. 2VUBLyo1jS.mp4 Player gets stuck trying to jump this fence in F2P world. Have noticed this happen on Goblin Diplomacy Quest and Rune Mysteries Quest. This happens on either side of the fence depending on where the player is travelling to.
  10. Using the option "Use grand exchange to buy requirements" manages to get past this
  11. jA0pyKzxg8.mp4 Starting the quest, player opens bank tab, the script then decides to end
  12. oRdt8AHG0a.mp4 Player made his way to Varrock sword shop and began trying to interact with the shop keeper, lol
  13. Player stands idle when using this script