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  1. When the camera is positioned in such a way where entities overlap, using an item on an entity produces multiple menu items to select from. In this scenario the client does not validate the entity in the menu items when it should be doing so.
  2. If using ("Use") as the .interact argument it will return true/false, but often selects the wrong menuitem if there are multiple to choose from. Expected behavior is being able to pass in "Use" and it should validate the gameobject that .interact() is being called on in the menuitem and return whether or not the correct menuitem was selected.
  3. Two modes: Will go to east side of Varrock, thieve Men/Women until 5 thieving, then steal from tea stall Will go to east side of Ardougne, steal from Baker's stall, drop bread/chocolate cake slices, and bank the cakes
  4. Inventory.stream().name(name).toArray(); Was able to run this code yesterday, am no longer able to. Seems like a weird thing to remove so I'm assuming it was accidental.
  5. Hello, I'd like to apply for SW 1 rank. I've pmed an example bot to @const_over discord because I don't want to publicly post everything I've implemented. Thanks
  6. Which cake stall would you like?
  7. If you're not able to run the client as most users do and have scripts from the SDN operate, this is the wrong guide for you. If you're already running scripts and ready to write your own, keep reading. If you haven't yet set up your IntelliJ project, start by making a new project that uses a java between Java 11 - 14. Name it whatever you'd like. I chose "DeleteSoon". Download the Client SDK and Client SDK Scriptloader (https://powbot.org/community/index.php?/forum/56-downloads/) and put them somewhere convenient. I have a folder on my desktop. In your project, right click the main directory and choose "Open Module Settings" Go to "Libraries" and add each .jar as a new Java project library using the + sign at the top. I did them one at a time, I'm not sure if it matters though. Tab over to "Modules" and make sure it looks like this: Set up your directory paths, I'd recommend something like this: If your folders are "combining" their names and you don't want them to, right click the space right above your main folder name and turn off "Flatten packages". Make a java file called "TesterScript" like I did above. Paste this into it and adjust your package name: package authorname.scripts.tester; import org.powbot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.powbot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.powbot.mobile.service.ScriptUploader; @ScriptManifest( name = "Tester EXACT NAME", description = "Tests", version = "0.0.1" ) public class TesterScript extends AbstractScript { public static void main(String[] args) { new ScriptUploader().uploadAndStart("Tester EXACT NAME", "Account", null, false, true); } @Override public void poll() { System.out.println("You should see this in your console."); } } To launch a script, your manifest name and the name in your main() must match exactly. Open a client like you normally would to run a script. Wait for everything to finish loading. Run the script by right clicking it in your project and selecting "Run main()" If it doesn't run, try these command line scripts after adjusting the path to adb.exe: C:\Users\NAME\.powbot\android\platform-tools\adb.exe kill-server C:\Users\NAME\.powbot\android\platform-tools\adb.exe forward tcp:61666 tcp:61666 C:\Users\NAME\.powbot\android\platform-tools\adb.exe devices It should look something like this: These commands reset the link, tell you what devices are connected, and then set up communications. If you still can't get a script running there's a bigger issue going on, ask in #help in Discord. Some other useful info: If you want to choose which client to attach the script to, run the adb.exe devices command. An unbound client will have a name like "". Replace null with that instance name string. With AbstractScript poll() will get called approximately every 50ms, or instantly after finishing the previous poll() if it took longer than 50ms.
  8. Enchanting recoil rings Starting w/ staff of water equipped and cosmic runes in inventory If I start with sapphire rings in bank w/ bank open, the script stops. if I start with sapphire rings in bank & inventory w/ bank open, the script stops. If I start with unenchanted rings in inventory the bot will enchant them until it runs out of sapphire rings, then it will do nothing unless I manually open bank. If I manually open bank it will deposit the enchanted rings and continue as expected. There is a very large delay before it will withdraw rings though. I tried at GE & varrock west bank. Also, the bot somehow withdrew a ring of dueling (7) during the runtime and it just ignored it instead of depositing the unwanted item. Edit: I waited about two minutes and the script eventually opened the bank by itself.
  9. On V2, flax spinning, doesn't go back up the stairs to bank. Clicks stairs and then waits on chat interface that asks to go up or down. Also very slow (10-30seconds) to start crafting again after level up.