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  1. Is this in the essence mine or at aubury?
  2. @johnpaul2259do you have a screen shot on where you get stuck?
  3. Ultimate Essence Mine and Bank Rune Essence How To Start at Varrock East Bank with a Pickaxe equipped and nothing in your inventory Screenshots
  4. Mr Fish randomly drops the small net while fishing shrimp at catherby
  5. FlaxSpinner Spin flax at Seers or Lumbridge, Script will auto-detect your location How To Start at Seers or Lumbridge Bank with an Empty Inventory Screenshots
  6. FlaxingIt Pick and Bank flax at Seers Village How To Start at Seers Bank with an Empty Inventory Screenshots
  7. Kharidian Smelter Smelt bars in Al Kharid, Allows you to select which bars to smelt. How To Start at Al Kharid Bank, Ensure you have the ores available Screenshots
  8. Kharidian Miner A simple miner to Mine and Bank Iron in Al Kharid How To Start at the Bank or Mine in Al Kharid Future Features Mine all Ores in Al Kharid Powermining option
  9. Could you add something, even just a small README to the repo, you can't fork an empty repo