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  1. Hey @ImPoob, as an ex-EB scripter myself, I can see there are a couple of things you're trying to get used to Apart from the comments that Dan made, it does seem you are finding it hard to understand the differences between cached and live version of anything. So let me give you a quick run down: Let's pretend you have an API call that gets the nearest chicken. Npc chicken = Npcs.stream().name("Chicken").nearest().first(); This line of code will get the current state of the closest NPC, and save it to a variable named chicken. (Emphasis on current) This is not a constant, meaning that by the time you call the variable in another class after doing other actions, things such as position, animation, or even existence can change, causing that variable to be out of date. Remember, when you assign a line of code to a variable, you're not assigning the API call, you're calling that method, and saving the results of it. Constants are things that will NEVER change. Like an Item ID, or Area. For example, as Dan suggested, Npc chicken = Npcs.stream().name("Chicken").nearest().first(); if(chicken.valid() && chicken.interact("Attack")) { Condition.wait(() -> Npcs.stream().name("Chicken").interactingWithMe().first().valid(), 200, 20); } Pay attention to the condition.wait(). I'm not calling the saved chicken variable, as it is not the live version of the NPC. If I was to do that, that condition would not work as when you saved the 'chicken' variable, it was not interacting with you. Instead, you are calling the API method directly to check if there is a chicken that is interacting with you, meaning you're getting the live version of all the NPCs every 200ms and checking for one that meets the conditions that are set in the Npc.stream method. The same applies for nearly anything that has the possibility to change states. I hope this example helps a bit in understanding, reach out to us on discord if you want to go over it a bit more, I'm free to VC later if you also want to get some live help/explanations
  2. There is no way someone would bring it out for free. It's illogical for us to spend all of our own time for your gain for nothing in return (especially for such a big script), what you're looking for is a private script. Plus, you already get access to a lot of scripts that you'd need to pay for on other clients anyway on powbot
  3. Tick perfect accuracy is needed for 20 seeds, it's very unlikely to happen but plausible with a lot of work
  4. Are you asking for a private vorkath script? If so, it would run you a minimum of $2k and more If not, I don't think anyone would make a free public one since the amount of work it requires
  5. Dan

    Discord is quiet without you 🙄 

  6. Good job, better than what I submitted as my SW1 application so I'm pretty sure once the admins see, they'll want to approve :D
  7. But what about on a script level? End user doesn't have to do anything
  8. Because it pauses the script thread and that should never be a thing that's forced. Bank tutorial I can understand, but please please please can we get rid of or add a way to disable the level up handler Let's say for example, you're fighting a boss, you level up the moment you need to drink a prayer potion. You're dead because the script was paused due to level up handler. Plus sometimes it messes with the script logic and also causes you to have to account for something that you shouldn't need to
  9. Hey guys, After v2 came out, been really enjoying using the client and finally got the time to put into making scripts, got a couple ready to release once they get me my 99s, but below is a sample of a script request https://github.com/Protoprize/PP-Aerial-Fisher Simple script, start with knife in inventory and it does the rest for you :) Anything else that's needed or more scripts, please let me know (I feel like I'm writing a work email)