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  1. Ah yes, this can be done!
  2. Java / Go / Node / Python Name: gRPC: Up and Running Author: Kasun Indrasiri, Danesh Kuruppu ISBN: 9781492058335 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Help learn about high-performance interprocess communication protocal. Specifically when it comes to dealing with microservice development. Java Name: Continuous Delivery in Java Author: Daniel Bryant, Abraham Marín-Pérez ISBN: 9781491986028 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Good for understanding software delivery lifecycle. Work smarter, not harder. Name: Java 8 Lambdas Author: Richard War
  3. Runemate do this, its a good model, although get ready for constant complaints about running out of hours. Also, people will try to bypass the limit by creating multiple accounts lol
  4. Wow nice to see positive message, wishing the best in rescuing dogs!
  5. All day, every day. Does it count if it is 7" from the floor?
  6. The is most likely due to the obfuscation which is flagged as a false positive trojan. No need to worry, will be fixed soon. 🙂
  7. Send your bitcoin address, please and thank you.