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  1. Ah yes, this can be done!
  2. Java / Go / Node / Python Name: gRPC: Up and Running Author: Kasun Indrasiri, Danesh Kuruppu ISBN: 9781492058335 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Help learn about high-performance interprocess communication protocal. Specifically when it comes to dealing with microservice development. Java Name: Continuous Delivery in Java Author: Daniel Bryant, Abraham Marín-Pérez ISBN: 9781491986028 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Good for understanding software delivery lifecycle. Work smarter, not harder. Name: Java 8 Lambdas Author: Richard Warburton ~ O'Reilly Media, Inc ISBN: 9781449370770 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Lambdas will allow you to create nice clean code. It will allow you to create simple, clean, library-level code to solve business problems. Name: Java Cookbook, 4th Edition Author: Ian F. Darwin ISBN: 9781492072584 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Goes through the basics and fundamentals, will help you learn useful techniques for everything from string handling, and functional programming, to network communication. It also touches on Java 12, 13, 14. Name: Java in a Nutshell, 7th Edition Author: Ben Evans, David Flanagan ISBN: 9781492037255 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Covers fundamentals from java 9 to 11. Has a lot of examples, and covers a majority of the modern Java APIs, and goes through best practices, including amterial on Java concurrency utilities (the dreaded concurrency). Name: Java™ Performance Author: Charlie Hunt Binu John ~ Addison-Wesley Professional ISBN: 9780132905244 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: For learning specifically how java can utilize multicore/multiprocessor hardware. Name: Java Threads, 3rd Edition Author: Scott Oaks, Henry Wong ISBN: 9780596007829 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: General coverage over; Lock starvation & deadlock detection, Atomic classes and minimal synchronization (J2SE 5.0), Interaction of Java threads with Swing, I/O, and Collection classes, programmatically controlled locks and condition variables (J2SE 5.0), Thread performance and security, Thread pools (J2SE 5.0), Thread groups, Platform-specific threading scheduling, Task schedulers (J2SE 5.0), and parallelizing loops for multiprocessor machines. Name: Learning Java, 5th Edition Author: Marc Loy, Patrick Niemeyer, Daniel Leuck ~ O'Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN: 9781492056270 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: General book for beginners to learn about Java's built-in features. Name: 97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know Author: Kevlin Henney, Trisha Gee ISBN: 9781491952696 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Useful for glancing over, for learning new techniques. Name: Real-World Software Development Author: Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Richard Warburton ~ O'Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN: 9781491967171 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Generally good book on improving software development techniques and methodoliges through project-based approach. Including topics: functional programming, automated testing, security, architecture, and distributed systems. Name: Think Java, 2nd Edition Author: Allen B. Downey, Chris Mayfield ~ O'Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN: 9781492072508 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Covers all the topics required for AP Computer Science A exam, and Java SE Programmer I certification. Language-agnostic Name: Semantic Software Design Author: Eben Hewitt ISBN: 9781492045953 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: (Currently reading it) Practical book that helps learn set of patterns for the practice of architecture, analysis, documentation, and communication. Name: Technology Strategy Patterns Author: Eben Hewitt ~ O'Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN: 9781492040873 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: Contains 39 patterns which could come in handy. Kotlin Name: Kotlin Cookbook Author: Ken Kousen ~ O'Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN: 9781492046677 Recommended by: Swatarianess Why: General book to learn about kotlin. Includes: functional programming concepts, lambdas, srquences, concurrency, how to use delegates, late initialization, scope function, java interoperability, access java library using kotlin, extension functions, JUnit 5, and practical advice for specific frameworks.
  3. Runemate do this, its a good model, although get ready for constant complaints about running out of hours. Also, people will try to bypass the limit by creating multiple accounts lol
  4. Wow nice to see positive message, wishing the best in rescuing dogs!
  5. All day, every day. Does it count if it is 7" from the floor?
  6. The is most likely due to the obfuscation which is flagged as a false positive trojan. No need to worry, will be fixed soon. 🙂
  7. Send your bitcoin address, please and thank you.