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  1. Tan Dragonhide's at Al Kharid instructions: Have coins, dragonhide and stamina potions (if enabled) in same bank tab. Zoom camera all the way out for best performance. Don't enable "use stamina potions" if you have under 70 agility and full gracefull, it will just be a waste as dragonhide's are really heavy. The script will enable run every time run energy reaches a 100, if stamina potions isn't ticked. If there are any issues with the script, let me know by commenting down below.
  2. Hey i liked your script, it was pretty fast and eficient. But could you add a option for just dropping everything instead of banking, the script would sometimes get stuck when walking to bank and dropping is way more efficient anyway. Also adding fruit stall’s would be a good addition.
  3. Runecrafting enhancer Air runes instructions: Have Air tiara and pure essence in bank/equipped. Zoom camera all the way out for best performance. Mud runes instructions: Have ring of dueling, binding necklace, water rune's, water talisman, earth tiara, stamina potions, willow logs and pure essence in the bank, have the items in the same proximity or tab for best performance. Have balloon transport system unlocked for varrock and castle wars, requires 50 firemaking and the completion of the enlightened journey quest. Zoom camera all the way out for best performance. Lava runes instructions: Have ring of dueling, binding necklace, earth rune's, earth talisman, fire tiara, stamina potions and pure essence in the bank, have the items in the same proximity or tab for best performance. Zoom camera all the way out for best performance. Pouches & magic imbue instructions: Have a filled rune pouch in inventory or in bank (astral, cosmic and air rune). Have Lunar spellbook with a minimum of 82 magic and 50 RC for large pouch. Have a steam battlestaff in inventory or in bank. Zoom camera all the way out for best performance. Start script outside of bank if pouches are broken, the script will repair them automatically. Have dark mage set to quick access on NPC contact spell (You just have to select dark mage once manually, works untill u change spellbook or choose another NPC contact spell).
  4. Hello again boss, I listened to your feedback and managed to fix all the issues you were concerned about. First off I added print outs to all the functions/actions, some of them are in the functions if u cant find them. I also added the check of the return on most of my interact() functions in the script, ty for the tip. I completely redid the click balloon/walk to balloon tasks and made them into one task, these were untouched since v1 and it was honestly my bad for completely ignoring them. Also I made both mud rune and lava rune completely generified as I found a hotfix for the ruins issue, when I did not declare the object beforehand it would work, is the mysterious ruins not a gameObject? I also removed the matrix from basket, this was still a bit inconsistent for me but I will leave it and see if other people have the same issue. I left Air runes tasks mostly untouched, as I still think it will be more tedious to add the other rune's in the future if I generify it together with the others. Also added current RC level to GUI, so people don't have to pause and check stats. Assigned the talisman, tiara and rune on start to a global variables instead of doing it every time time in the withdraw task, don't know if this is a better option. If there's anything else that need's to get fixed, let me know and ill give it a crack.
  5. @dan the Basket only had a model when I stood right next to it, I interacted directly with it and it worked for about 1 or 2 runs and then stopped working like it usually does. I also changed back to interacting with ruins and that worked for about 10 runs without a problem. I think we should wait for the update like you said, I will test it then and let you know, could be that the issues came back after the client broke as I never tried it after V2 released.
  6. Hello I updated the github with the changes you asked for. First off, I do have some problems when interacting with objects, because the script will not interact with certain object for me (dont know if anyone else has this problem). In this example as you can see the ruins object has always been problematic for me, it will randomly stop clicking the object as it wont be visible to the script. I have tested with "System.out.println" and for some reason the ruins object is not visible for me. I tested this again today because this was a problem I had with v1 and the problem still persists, I therefore decided to keep the interaction as is or else i wont be able to use my own script xD. And for the bank interaction, I noticed when I used "bank.open()" on the bank chest it would miss every other try so I decided to leave that aswell as it worked alot better for me. For the repeated code, I generified as much as I was able to, for example Mudrunestask only has 3 tasks now and lavarunestasks doesent exist. As you can see i wasnt able to generify the ruins task, and the balloon tasks on mud runes. I also mostly left the air rune tasks alone as it would be abit tedious as I want to add the rest of the f2p runes. Thank you for the feedback and suggestions to improve my code, I am learning alot from this.
  7. Hello, i would like to publish my Runecrafting script, I have ran it for multiple hours without it crashing. Source: https://github.com/Gamburger1/Runecrafting-spinbot Supports: - Air runes - Mud runes - Lava runes More runes can be added in the future, but this script was meant for a easy way of reaching the requirements of crafting blood runes at Arceuus. Requirements: - Have all required items in bank in the same tab for fastest experience. - Zoom camera all the way out for fastest experience. Air runes: just have air tiara and pure essence either in bank or equipped/inventory. Mud runes: Just start the script at castle wars. Balloon transport system unlocked for varrock and castle wars. Lava runes: Just start the script at castle wars. Hopefully this can become somewhat useful to the community.
  8. Hello, tried your fletching and herblore script, and both of them will use around 10 seconds to select the chat option. Everything else works at a decent speed but whenever you come to the chat where you want to choose what to fletch it will take a considerably long time.