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  1. Note: this is an beta version, so feel free to give feedback about the script Starting instructions - Axe equipped or in inventory (optional) - Warm clothing on - Hammer and knife in inventory (optional) - Food in bank - Zoomed out - Single tap mode - Start in Wintertodt world Missing features - Solo mode Changelog: https://powbot.org/scripts/shit-wintertodt-beta
  2. I think its because of the camera zoom, zoom all the way out if you can
  3. Arceuus crafter I recommend using this script on mobile, it has gotten me to 99 runecrafting comfortably
  4. You're right, it's no effort to fix that issue. I just pushed a new update to the repo which checks if the fragment is charged.
  5. Hi, I'd like to publish my free blood rune crafter script, it's written in kotlin and has gotten me 99 RC comfortably. It's only been tested on mobile, it should work on desktop since the API is cross compatible. Source code: https://github.com/dylanblokhuis/powbot-public Features: Crafts blood rune in Arceuus Chisel actively instead of going afk Uses agility shortcuts "Anti pattern" basically just moving the camera and some random delays If the script gets stuck it stops automatically, so no need to baby sit if you're scared for it to get stuck. Caveats: There's currently a client issue with detecting an empty runestone, so it will spam check the menu for the action. This is all client side so nothing to worry about ban wise. It just slows the bot down. Happens every 5 trips or so If you start the script with a charged essence, it will bug out (EDIT: this is fixed) Thanks 🙂
  6. Also, whenever I reenter the area it has a chance to just work again. So its pretty weird
  7. I'm making a script for runecrafting blood runes in arceeus. My script works fine at the start and both "Dense runestone" objects can be queried just fine. But whenever the script leaves the area and comes back, the queries cannot find the object anymore. val runeStone = ctx.objects.toStream().name("Dense runestone").nearest().first() above is the query i'm using. I checked the list of objects and it's not there.