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  1. Using it right now with no issues? Not sure what you are having.
  2. Its in the archive because its old.
  3. Might want to delete your picture with your username in there.
  4. Moving since it has been fixed awhile ago
  5. Please test development, pushed something which should fix it.
  6. Just some notes from the quick look at I had. The following could be replaced with exp gained calculation(From starting) or using an inventory listener to see essence entering inventory if (Skill.Mining.experience() > lastXPCount) { Variables.get().essenceGained++; System.out.println("Essence gained: " + Variables.get().essenceGained); lastXPCount = Skill.Mining.experience(); lastActivityTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); } Good to see this this. Some minor improvements if ((UtilityLogic.timeFromMark(lastActivityTime)) >= 120000) { System.out.println("No experience gained for over 2 minutes, failsafe activated. Shutting script down."); onStop(); } ScriptManager.INSTANCE.stop(); should be called instead of OnStop() as the intent for that is when it is already stopping so you shouldn't need to call it again. Should call "return" after this as otherwise it will execute tasks still. BankLogic Withdraw always returns false even if successfull? bankisOpen name is desceptive, it should be openBank Some considerations Using the Paint API - https://docs.powbot.org/#/Basic_Fundamentals/PaintBuilderAPI Why do tasks executing specific logic need a reference to the main for status? It's not something the task should have to be concerned about Interacting with inventory items does not need to check the tab is open, the API handles that.
  7. Can you confirm that this is still happening? I believe this should have been fixed with @Krulvis changes recently.
  8. Should be resolved now.
  9. Should have been resolved.
  10. Just simply doubled the gold withdrew.
  11. This should have been resolved awhile ago, pm me if it isn't.
  12. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Enable single tap on the mouse function button
  13. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Ensure that Single tap is added to the toggle button above(and displayed) the combat icon the left.
  14. Pty

    Simple quest script

    I could add it, but theres easily 10qp for F2p if thats your goal?
  15. Can you give more information? What location? What agility shortcut? What path?