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  1. Pty

    Simple quest script

    Sorry for late reply No, it will gather all items(Or log an output if its not possible), it also has grand exchange option which requires it to start by GE. Best location is the bank nearest to the quest start Correct Both should work(This is more of a client than script thing)
  2. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Most likely related to web-walking. An alternative probably would be Draynor/Al-Kharid(Assume your using lumbridge swamp?)
  3. Private scripts aren't allowed currently. Although depending how complex it is etc I could make a public one.
  4. Best come into discord and ask in the help channel for fastest help. There is some server issues which have to be rebooted, when they are up again you should be able to open again.(Assuming you have successfully ran the bot before)
  5. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    99 Fishing 24/7 minnows
  6. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Updated release logs.
  7. Are you willing to pay? If so you should probably state that so it would attract more attention.
  8. Pty

    Simple quest script

    Try running it near a bank or press has requirements(Must have items). I might add some more information into the GUI on how to run it. 1.0.8 Added fishing contest
  9. Pty

    Simple quest script

    1.0.7 Added queueing
  10. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Sorry for lack of updates, been busy with life and released a small update 0.0.7 a few days ago. 0.0.8 should be out soon with queueing in the next few days. 0.0.7 Added Minnows Fixed sharks at Catherby Resolved server side caching issue.
  11. Maybe he means this? https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Unidentified_minerals
  12. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Hey @lazafila just got back from my vacation so I will have a look when I get off work tomorrow. Not sure why web walking would be having an exception seems kind of weird although will see I can find more information. @rstester will have a look at it once I settle back in.
  13. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Hmm thats weird, I tried changing the area it walks to in the bank now(Latest version available), not sure why its throwing an exception. Hopefully this fixes it, will also reach out to some other people to try find out what the exception is.
  14. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    There is an antiban relating to when an inventory is full, it is programmed to sit there for a bit(To emulate AFK behavior), you can remove it by changing the values under the "Advanced" tab. Although I am assuming that you left it longer than that time period (As it was working saturday). I did do some changes yesterday which I listed above, I also added some more configurations regarding random events and dismissing them when fishing, would you be able to confirm if you had an random event? Sometimes on the first run it will behave a bit a slowly as it is building up the app cache which
  15. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Just to clarify the issue, Is it not depositing it from the inventory? is it running to the bank and not opening it? Is it not walking to the bank? I haven't really changed catherby recently since I tested it.