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  1. Pty

    Simple quest script

    Added Dorics/Witches Potion
  2. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Ahh good idea, I will get to it in a day or 2(Would have put in todays but just saw now). Added Al-Kharid.
  3. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Release Version 0.04 Fixed Karamaja fishing @rstester (Banking should not get caught, not as smooth though) Added another configuration for maximum idle time when fishing to prevent logout.
  4. Pty

    Simple quest script

    Yeah, works but a bit slow.
  5. Pty

    Simple quest script

    Enable Single tap, its a known issue with the client.
  6. Pty

    Simple quest script

    1.0.5 GUI Refactor More massive refactoring Added gearset Added Druidic Ritual
  7. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    The pay fare/walking part is via the web walking which the script relies on @Toma helped me fix a fat finger in coords yesterday. 404 could mean the server was down for a period, Any idea about this? For the banking gold I didn't specifically add a check I just assumed the user would put the gold(EG 30k for 500 trips) in the inventory and it would not deposit it. I could add more logic to withdraw if required or shutdown Regarding the banking issue I will see if I can modify some API changes, I added a fail safe which should attempt to walk to the nearest after 3 failures. Maybe I
  8. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Cheers will resolve this today. Edit: Merged fix
  9. Goblin Village 2 Type: BoundaryObject/GameObject Name: Large door Location: Tile(2958, 3509, 0) / Tile(2957, 3509, 0) Destination: Tile(2957, 3512, 0) Action: "Open"
  10. Goblin Village Type: BoundaryObject/GameObject Name: Door Location: Tile(2954, 3505, 0) Destination: Tile(2952, 3506, 0) Action: "Open"
  11. Juliet's house(Assuming it handles doors) Type: GameObject Name: Staircase Location: Tile(3157,3436) Destination: Tile(3155,3436,1) Action: "Climb-up" Type: GameObject Name: Staircase Location: Tile(3157,3436, 1) Destination: Tile(3159,3436,0) Action: "Climb-down" Front door leaving Error finding path when web walking WebWalkingResult(usedWeb=true, success=false, failureReason=CantReachNextNode) Type: BoundaryObject/GameObject Name: Door Location: Tile(3165, 3433, 0) Destination: Tile(3211, 3418, 0) Action: "Open"
  12. Pty

    Simple quest script

    I originally programmed it to walk to the spot between draynor/port sarim. It should work there, I will have a quick look into a patch today. About the future quest completions feel free to suggest some(Lower accounts) and I will take a look at doing them. I was planning to do it myself but if you have some example scripts you have programmed I could reconsider. Edit release 0.0.3, added selection for imp catcher spots 🙂 Also should have fixed that bug.
  13. Pty

    Simple Fisher

    Simple Fisher Supports Small Fishing Net Big Fishing Net FIshing Rod Fly Fishing Harpoon Lobsters Trawler(Beta) Locations Barbarian Village Catherby Draynor Fishing Guild Karamja(Pending Web walking for banking) Lumbridge River Lumbridge Swamp Trawler If you want to request another area/method or report a bug feel free to post here and I will take a look. More information helps find the issues 🙂 1.0.3 Bank failsafe New paint, feedback welcome.
  14. Currently in progress(Will try get out today/tomorrow) Can you please supply the area so I can ensure it is included? Edit: Release https://powbot.org/scripts/simple-fisher If you want Karamja it will have to wait till the web updates are done. Although I have some good idea's for mobile going forth.
  15. Pty

    Simple quest script

    Any chance you can give me the logs of the error? Even if it was some crazy circumstance I can handle it better.(Might be related to finding the imp's/path to imps)