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  1. @liquisix Can you provide a video or screenshots please
  2. straight up should be fixed in next
  3. All done, hope to see you back if you get a new PC 🙂
  4. @Dan I pushed a small hotfix for this about 6 hours ago, were you all up to date?
  5. Have made some changes to stop it.
  6. @ApolloWe'll have a new guide up soon, for now jump on discord.
  7. @DanHave made some changes, let me know if you still hit this.
  8. @Dan was able to reproduce and think I've fixed, will leave to you to confirm.
  9. This should be fixed now @duelarena7
  10. Then we end up in a situation where API changes can break scripts because of how different the script environment can be. We probably shouldn't really have long sleeps anyway, I'll admit the functionality you have from the API currently makes it difficult not to have them but I'd rather try improve that. For example for a crafting script we should promote using InventoryChangeEvents to determine if it should return early, a PlayerAnimationChangedEvent could also be nice and perhaps a time since last animation change field on Player. Giving scripters the ability to toggle means they'll just turn it off when it causes any friction and we'll end up in a position like we did with features being disabled because of bugs that never got fixed. Almost all scripts have to implement a level up handler so feels like it should be handled by the client.
  11. I'd rather try improve the level up handler to be faster or not run in combat scenarios then have it toggleable. Makes giving the user a good experience extremely difficult if script require certain toggles on and off.
  12. Why disabling bank tutorial/level up?
  13. Check the welcome channel and make sure you react to the message
  14. The issue is the space in your username, there are work arounds. Hop on our discord.
  15. @TrippybbpiePowPestControl is now available.
  16. Just drop a few comments around API usage: Object foodObj = getOption("Food"); You can declare the type: String foodObj = getOption("Food"); However I would suggest using @ValueChanged, see I would recommend passing a radius when filtering objects: public static GameObject getNearest(Predicate<GameObject> pred) { return Objects.stream().filter(pred).nearest().firstOrNull(); } public static GameObject getNearest(Predicate<GameObject> pred) { return Objects.stream(10).filter(pred).nearest().firstOrNull(); } Nothing major though 🙂
  17. So some feedback: All your logic is in one loop() method, I'd suggest breaking it out into separate tasks or branches/leaves. Don't use global variables as much, for example you have a stall variable that's written to in different methods. This makes it hard to keep track of what it is and if you were to introduce any concurrency could lead to issues. Instead use more local variables and pass them between functions, your function call chains shouldn't have any side effects. Make use of enums, you currently have multiple different variables which are used in conjunction with each other depending on the mode. Try grouping this together inside a Mode enum.
  18. Congratulations! I've messaged you with the details.