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  1. const_

    Script Bounties

    Script bounties are placed on scripts which PowBot doesn't currently have publicly available. To complete a bounty the script MUST work on mobile and be uploaded to SDN, check here for information on how to get SDN access. You may see scripts here which are currently in the SDN, this is likely because they're not mobile supported or have a limited feature set/aren't working correctly. If you see a script listed here which you would also like to be available you can contribute to the bounty to entice a developer to create the script by PMing me. Also if you would like to
  2. Both the desktop and mobile client share the same API, this allows you to develop scripts for both platforms easily. However because the underlying implementations of the client are different for each platform there are some rules to follow to ensure your scripts run as efficiently as possible. 1. Develop on desktop, adjust on mobile Get your scripts working on desktop first then run them on mobile and make any adjustments required. Data collection is a lot easier on desktop and the feedback cycle is going to be a lot quicker as startup time is much less. As the API works acro
  3. Check out the guide here: It's for OSRS
  4. const_

    Simple quest script

    Try run it from near a bank.
  5. PowBot mobile has native LDPlayer support to make it easy to create/manage your PowBot mobile instances running on LDPlayer. LDPlayer is the recommended emulator to use and offers significant performance benefits compared to using the default android emulator. Notes: By default the canvas is disabled in the PowBot client when using the LDPlayer mode as it helps to further reduce CPU usage, to interact manually with the game just use the associated LDPlayer window as it's a lot smoother. LDPlayer is currently windows only. Step 1 Download and install
  6. Could you please try now, we released a client update with some fixes.
  7. Are you still having this issue? Please make sure you're using the loader and are on the latest client.
  8. This issue has been fixed, apologies for the delay.
  9. Just message on the #help channel
  10. That needs to be the path to the PowBot loader on your computer, I'd recommend jumping on our discord.
  11. java -jar path/to/PowBot.jar