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  1. Got a fix in upcoming release to prevent this blowing up.
  2. Have added an option for this, thanks for the suggestion.
  3. @adammurrayCheck single tap is enabled
  4. const_


    I've improved it a bit let me know if it helped.
  5. @bplDid you know a workaround for this?
  6. const_


    Did you try https://powbot.org/guides? You're unlikely to get help with that attitude
  7. @ADivorcedForkThis should be fixed on beta, will be released soon.
  8. @ToxinsAre you using the new or old web?
  9. This is really nice, would be even cleaner in kotlin. Especially like the folow diagram, that's good practice. Few things I can suggest: Use the result of #interact more, this will prevent the script from sleeping at all on misclicks. Our interact method returns pretty accurately whether the interaction succeeded or not as it hooks into game action events. CPU resource is limited on mobile/emulators, I'd be keen to explore other ways the cleanup of files could be implemented so there's no need for a separate thread. I'm not familiar with Tithe but is there no need for configuration for the script? Be careful of filtering objects without a radius/tile/area, it's quite expensive to load all objects into memory to be filtered. Methods such as `within` & `at` will mean that only objects at the given tiles/area will be loaded into memory.
  10. @liquisix Can you provide a video or screenshots please