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  1. The loader does fetch it's own yes. @smoke420strongCan you post a screenshot please
  2. @cadzbatz I'm not actually the script developer that would be @Dan I'm just a lowly client developer. I've tagged him though so he'll be able to help you out.
  3. I think you're running a very old version of the client, are you using the launcher?
  4. Should be resolved with latest client update, please restart launcher.
  5. Npc goblin = ctx.npcs.toStream().within(4).name("Goblin").nearest().first(); Will give you what you want.
  6. Client update has been released which should fix this.
  7. If the bot tried walking that would close the widget?
  8. PowPlanker Create planks from logs in Varrock, supports the following types of planks: - Plank - Oak Plank - Mahogany Plank - Teak Plank Progress Reports
  9. Please message me on discord so we can debug this together
  10. Started making improvements here: https://github.com/powbot/api/pull/55 Feel free to comment on the PR with suggestions
  11. The first will be fixed when I release new backend (tonight). The second can be avoided in 8.8.0 if you use Movement.moveTo(loc, refreshQuests = false, forceWeb = true) as it's trying to walk locally.