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    Hey! Yeah I've been here since mid-feb. Was in lockdown for several months and now life is pretty much normal. I decided to take the opportunity to have kind of a break this year, I got a new job and only have a couple of projects on the go. Having some time to think and plan about many things and looking forward to next year 😄
  2. I have joined here to say hi. I am currently not trading, but feel free to message me to chat.

  3. I was a sponsor with a high feedback count before what happened, happened. Unfortunately due to the nature of the RWT business and my long history, the paypal account I used for the payment can no longer be accessed. I can confirm my identity with admin Chris (if he's still admin), as well as some other longterm members like RSGM sales (kaii). Here is an uncropped screenshot of me logged in to the official discord. Although I am mostly out the RWT business except from a monthly private business deal with one large market user, I would still like to have my rank transferred, so should I hop back in to trading full time again in the future, I will be ready to go. As soon as I heard the news I came here to register and see hi asap to avoid anybody taking my name etc while I'm less active. Thanks for taking the time to read. I wish you all well. I'm sure there are many new people in this community I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. It's nice to see the community still going after all these years 🙂 - Liam
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    Just checking in after seeing the news (late). - Liam