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  1. widget close event executes while trade is open making it impossible to handle trading 😪
  2. 1 - right after changing region (most of the times) alot of methods return false when they shouldn't (example -> (teleport somewhere -> after arriving in another region -> checking Game.tab == Tab.EQUIPMENT returns false even though equipment tab is open or if it returns true and i'm checking for Equipment.stream() item returns false even though i have the item equipped) 2 - bank.close uses wrong widget? so it missclicks on the bank tutorial button -> correct is 12,2,3 3 - Magic.cast sometimes missclicks specified spell -> seems to only happen when you have to open magic tab before casting the spell so perhaps after opening the tab there's small period where bounds data isn't updated immediately ? 4 - please add methods for disabling bank tutorial event & level up 5 - alot of times Chat.chatting is returning false for a brief moment after selecting option 6 - sometimes when looking for items in bank right after opening bank it can't find item for a brief moment 7 - there's some issues with the full screen world map interface, components can find the close button but when i call click it returns false immediately as it fails to click at all
  3. the yellow mouse position x doesn't move with the bots interaction, it used to, only appears when you manually move around with your mouse.
  4. when interaction menu is open and it doesn't contain correct action / option any menu command touch down/up sent to emulator don't register, same goes for if i click manually on powbot mobile window, so to close the menu i have to click manually on the emulator window.
  5. Input doesn't get blocked automatically after starting a script. Selecting blocked input works as intented but doesn't untick Allow from the input menu and vice versa.
  6. input doesn't get blocked after running script, also can toggle allow & block input at the same time.