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  1. Throughout the whole script, you call "main.whatever" for accessing values. Don't do this! Instead pass the values you need to each class that needs it. XP has a maximum of 200 million so no need to make them longs - they fit perfectly in an int. (source) Instead of getting/storing each skill XP individually, you could use a loop to do everything. (source) In software, there is the principle of single responsibility... A class should do one thing. You should move looting into its own class, and not stuff it in your Attack class. Don't store queries like this. Query contents are persistent until you call select(). See here. Because query contents are persistent, and you queried for it in your activate(), you don't need to query for your food again here. You can just call inventory.poll(); When you have a literal (no variable) in your code, it's called a "magic value." Don't use magic values. Set the tiles to variables with meaningful names, so you can easy find and update them when necessary.
  2. Fights Hill Giants in Edgeville Dungeon. Supports Reanimate Giant for Ensouled Giant Heads.
  3. Fights Experiments for great low level experience. Supports eating, banking, and looting ammo.
  4. it fights chaos druids. Supports Taverly Dungeon and Ardougne Chaos Druid Tower.
  5. Fights and kills Al-Kharid Warriors for great low level XP and money. Supports looting, banking, eating.
  6. Trains Construction. Supports all common furniture including Oak Larders, butlers, and Phials.
  7. "visit here" "you don't have permission"
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    why is there a 10 character minimum for posts that's stupid