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  1. Great info man, I haven't done a lick of programming in nearly 6 years but this was extremely helpful. Excited to get back into it.
  2. Good luck! I'm doing something similar with 3 accounts I made, it's amazing how keeping botting times low can avoid the ban hammer!
  3. Great script, been using it for a little while on my little f2p training accounts. Currently having an issue with withdrawing food at the bank (trout, x15) log below. I eventually realized it was stuck and deposited 10 of the 27 trout withdrawn and it went to the next step (from banking to going to the hill giant dungeon). But got stuck the next time it went back to bank for food. - 14:59 Startup: PowBot/8.6.0-RC4 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) Java/ [#8; 3018 MiB] 14:59 ItemPrices: Updating GE item prices 14:59 CON: Added message to send buffer - will send upon reconnection to t
  4. Yeah similar to Dan, used Powerbot extensively back in the day. It's where I actually learned to program. Seems like he said the devs are actually committed now. I appreciate that I can use it on some of my alt accounts and not receive a ban like I have with some competitors, (sometimes in less than 4 hrs) I'm sure due to it being a public script and well used, but still that's a little crazy. Also the currently low albeit growing user base makes the scripts even more friendly.
  5. Great script, got the trial right now and it's running flawlessly. Will be purchasing this and more of your scripts when the trial runs out! The only thing I can say is it doesn't seem to count loot correctly and has trouble with clicking the gate object and banks occasionally. But I assume those are client sided issues. I can post additional info if needed.
  6. Vip scripters could receive some form of profit share similar to YT or like? If there's 1k VIP @ $10/mo =$10k/mo maybe 50% shared with VIP script writers based on user base. I believe this would also attract a fair number of script writers to have that guaranteed VIP income
  7. I agree with most people here. I know some people bot with color bots but it's so afk and high xp an hour honestly not worth it. Everything is one click essentially. I don't play anymore but I enjoyed revisiting my account for a while but never wanted to try to figure out the abilities. Also sucks my bank that was 200m+ is now dumpster in the game.
  8. Doesn't feel right requesting as I truly do think Powbot has some of the best free scripts out there but a cooking script would be legit. I'm working on relearning programming but in the meantime got a metric ton of fish in my bank that I want to cook up
  9. Great script, thought it didn't resume crafting after level up but it just takes a minute! Edited this now!
  10. Also started December 2004, someone told me about it in school. Started 9 different accounts with the same name, I thought when you died you had to start over. Eventually figured out I could keep playing after I died by talking to friends at school. Played till 2008 since I found a pretty friendly/legit f2p clan. Participated in a ton of clan wars with them and random events, it was a ton of fun actually. If anyone remembers old school wildy wars in full rune or flaming each other with the worst insults that was my 2004-2008 experience. The clan died so I quit around 2008. Picked it back
  11. Hey I tried to run this in Camelot and it got stuck trying to go up the wall at the start of the course. Alching was set to on. Did I set something up wrong?