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  1. this is a bit of an early release, but I want to get some feedback regarding the current UI, how the script feels and any suggestions on what to add or improve on. some info on how the script (currently] works: at start up, cancels all current offers and collects to BANK (where they won't be touched) the funds you set determines if the bot will buy something, not how much coins is in your inventory. incorrect fund number will cause the bot to break you make offers, and the script goes through them one by one waiting 4 hours (buy limit reset) before creating same offer again I currently don't keep track of how many you buy so even if you buy one of an item and the buy limit is 12k, the script still waits 4 hours till it buys again across sessions. it keeps itself logged in by simulating a spacebar press every 4-5 minutes once bought something, automatically sets offer's status to sell and vice versa some features im thinking of adding: option to log off for set amount of time to avoid being online all the time showing all offers in the UI with option to edit them button to clear list of offers saved (all offers made are instantly saved) live editing of offers list (edit while bot is running) option to add filler offers (set of offers I've made beforehand to fill in if all your own offers have been bought and sold and the bot is waiting for 4 hour limit) priority list (cancels lower prio offers for higher ones) keep in mind this is in beta so please don't leave it running without keeping an eye on it If you have any suggestions do let me know either on this thread or on discord (dagobert anka [gutizia#2916]) PICTURES OF (current and unpolised} UI get it here: https://powbot.org/scripts/flipper disclaimer: the script CAN missclick when selling/buy so dont have anything in the inventory you're not willing to sell
  2. your attack task changes name of main.currentTask 3 times, maybe make 3 separate classes to make it more clean and consistent with the task structure. You reuse some code like your fail safe if what you want to interact with isn't in viewport, I'd make a util class to abstract those interactions. That way you only have to edit code once if you wish to improve some logic Also why not check if interactive objects are in viewport first, then handle it and then interact. That way it doesn't have to run activate() and execute() all over again to actually accomplish what it wanted lambdas are your friend, makes your life easier. also I still think your npc query is a mess. you do what you want, but i would really cache the npc inside a seperate task for animating the armour, would make activate() for attack much more obvious ( if npc.valid() kill that mofo) ⭐i'm giving you a medium star to not discourage you
  3. Simple and costumizeable script to farm anything you need with minimum requirements. does all the work for you, both waiting and farming IMPORTANT you have to set up the client's logging in feature so the script is able to login after waiting for next patches to be ready for harvesting
  4. saving first comment for additional info that doesn't fit in the post
  5. The Basics to properly understand tiles and areas and how they work it's crucial you understand the basics of grids and coordinates. A grid is, as you can see in the picture below, multiple lines in two directions (axis) named x (west to east in runescape) and y (south to north in runescape) that form squares of equal sizes. These squares is what a Tile is. runescape is a three dimensional game, so the game consists of multiple of these grids which is identified by a third axis named z (from bottom to top), so each Tile is therefore defined by a three dimensional coordinate like so (x, y, z) lets imagine this grid represents the base floor (z = 0) and the green square is the current location of the player. his location would be (3, 6, 0) Hopefully this gives you a good understanding of the basics Area an area is defined as any closed two dimensional shape of any size. lets say you want to kill goblins in the goblin house next to lumbridge, and you only want to attack goblins if you're inside the house. So you put on View>Location to see the tile coordinates you're on and run to the corners closest to negative and positive infinity and write them down, you create an Area and define it as the house and start running the script. You quickly notice the bot just standing still so you create a function to draw the area you made to see what happened: Turns out the outer edge towards positive infinity isn't included in our area. This is because an area creates a line between the coordinates of all tiles in it's constructor, which is the base of the tile. The area does not include the tile you were standing on when writing down the coordinates for your area. If you want to create an area by using your in game character you have to add +1 to the edges pointing towards positive infinity. Area defined by multiple tiles An area can also be constructed with multiple tiles, forming any closed shape. If you want to do this it's important you remember where the area constructor considers a tile to be and what tiles will be included in your area In this example we have defined three tiles to make an area with a triangle shape: t1(2, 6, 0) t2(2, 2, 0) t3(5, 2, 0). red indicates the squares you would occupy should you stand on the tiles defined in the constructor, the green tiles are the tiles actually included in the area object. Looking at this figure you can see that in order for a tile to be included in an area, only the base of the tile has to be inside the shape. It's not enough for the base to be along the edge of the shape The Area class has a method Area.containsOrIntersects(Locatable... locatables), which would return true if the player was on either on t1 or t3, because the tile the player occupies is along the edge of the shape. Using this method would make the bot in the goblin house example work, because it would return true for the entire house. However I recommend making sure the area actually contains all the tiles you want it to, in case you want to add looting and want to only loot items inside your defined area. TileMatrix The Tile class is defining the coordinate of the tile, while the TileMatrix is the actual square which can be interacted with. If you want to walk somewhere by clicking on the game instead of the minimap you'll have to convert your tile into a tilematrix using Tile.matrix(ctx). The matrix is also used for when you want to draw the tile on screen Drawing tiles using the Paintlistener interface you can draw tiles on screen like so: please do not actually initialize anything inside the repaint method, it's called 10s of times a second eating up your cpu. Tiles and Areas in debugging When you're new you might run to multiple problems where the bot doesn't behave you want it to, this is often due to faulty queries and misinterpreting what's going on. One of the best debugging tools is to simply draw or print out the tile of the object you're trying to interact with. if the tile is (-1, -1, -1) it means your object isn't set at all and you have to reevaluate your query. Other times it turns out you've queried an object with the same id but outside of the bot's view, causing the bot to stand still, this one is particularly tricky to detect without printing/drawing tiles. Hopefully this makes it easier to understand what a tile and area actually is and reduces headaches when developing 🙂 if you have any questions regarding tiles/areas I know a lot more than is covered in this post. all feedback is appreciated, it's my first time making a guide/tutorial/informational post Note the z axis is the only axis which can have a negative value (basements). All valid tiles have positive values on the x and y axis
  6. you're not getting it you gay asshole
  7. still gonna play it until i die either in game or irl
  8. yeah, ironman removes most of the bullshitty game designs that makes rs3 such a shit game, it's like a mobile game that isn't on mobile (yet). but on ironman you get more of the old school feel of accomplishment when you reach certain goals. and your bank and inventory doesn't get clugged up with as much random bullshit event items that really makes me want to stop playing. I hate that shit
  9. I recently started to inject myself with heroin and been playing rs3 hc ironman for a few days now. I like the game but so much retarded dead content to clear when you have autism + you're a constant lab rat having to do their 2013213214 dailies for most efficient exp/h. all in all a waste of my motherfucking time
  10. you win some, you lose some.... 😢
  11. My upcoming book, preorder now on amazon
  12. this post was a winning strategy. I won the day
  13. we can win trade, you react to my post first
  14. and how do i start winning