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  1. This is really useful information. I have always wanted to learn how to make some scripts. I don't care if I get accounts banned I just want to test out scripts and get it working.
  2. I would make a new account just for this and run it and see how long it go without a ban and leave a review on any bot breaks etc.
  3. same thing happen to me but it wasn't hijacked I just did a lot of botting in my past. I was banned for like 7 years by jagex and I decided to appeal it just for lulz and my account ban was lifted lol. I did get back into RS3 to try out and ended up liking the mining and smithing rework. The game is fun still. I was one of those guys that didnt want to touch rs3 because of all the stigma with osrs etc. I gave it a chance and I will tell you its better than most mmos right now and the boss fights are actually engaging and SUPER fun/rewarding. People keep talking about how its basically afk bossing etc but its not. At first RS3 seemed like shit but once you take the time to learn you can actually have a lot of fun and learn new things. One thing I learned is with the new skill bars etc going full manuals on your attacks once you know combos you do INSANE amount of damage compared to people who have it on autocast.