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  1. Haha I just want to bot thieving and mining >.< oh rcing if that was possible.
  2. Please post your own thread as well with the requirements ❤️ You can find out more here Just open a thread in random to do so! ❤️ Yellow Hat
  3. You can always donate $1000 in btc to my wallet and ill give you sponsor, my sponsors better than the sites though it comes from my personal bag of hats and you get a hug.. Hugs are priceless. Yellow Hat
  4. Official Give Away Starting: 5/21/2021 Winners: 3 1st Place: -A free leveled and quested account hand trained on your own email/ current account up to $150 or 150m 07 GP in value -12 months VIP! 2nd Place: -$100 in account services on your own account /from scratch or 100m 07 GP! -6 months VIP! 3rd Place: -$50 in account services on your own account /from scratch or 50m 07 GP! -3 months VIP! Default Prize: Whether you win anything or not, just by simply entering, you will receive VIP! (Yes this includes access to PowBot Mobile)
  5. Congrats fam its def nice to have a machine that cleans the clothes well xddd When I was living in Mexico it was all hand washing hhhhh Yellow Hat
  6. Nice feedback I feel like a failure.