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  1. I'm around 45 Fishing with just this script but I noticed it has some trouble banking after fishing at Barbarian Village. In this part it goes back and forth because it clicks the southern interior part of the ruin(?) and then when it clicks outside it goes back North to go around. This repeats for a while until it gets back to the spot.
  2. Use javaw instead of java to detach it from the cmd window: javaw -jar "%userprofile%\.powbot\client\PowBot.jar"
  3. - What did you bot (activity and location, not script) Just before (a few hours) being banned, Woodcutting Willows at Draynor. But the account itself was pretty much made to bot and I botted Combat and Mining during the past two weeks or so. - Did you use any other clients? (yes/no is sufficient) No - How many hours did you bot the same activity in total? 6-7 (Woodcutting. The others all probably add up to about 5 total) - How many of those hours do you think were consecutive? 4 hours max - Did you switch up activities on the account or just do the same