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  1. Members arranged in pages with 4x6 tiles per page at 60 pages. Giveaway time pl0x
  2. just documenting package org.rsbot.gui; import org.rsbot.bot.Bot; import org.rsbot.script.Script; import org.rsbot.script.internal.ScriptHandler; import org.rsbot.script.internal.event.ScriptListener; import org.rsbot.service.FileScriptSource; import org.rsbot.service.ScriptDefinition; import org.rsbot.service.ScriptSource; import org.rsbot.service.ServiceException; import org.rsbot.util.GlobalConfiguration; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.event.ListSelectionEvent; import javax.swing.event.ListSelectionListener; import javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel; import javax.s
  3. Got rid of my 10yo HDD, that I transplanted from old AIO PC, a few months ago. Superb speed improvement on boot with the 2.5" SSD. I Decided to pick this 1TB M.2 nVME yesterday form a brick-and-mortar PC store. I think I blink once less, comparatively to booting from SATA; and now 2TB(1+1) of solid state storage. censored dusty case; cba dusting it, the weather sucks EDIT: forgot to mention I had to get a screw and washer from a hardware store. My mobo hardware is at the rents' house.
  4. Yills

    First VR googles

    Good times are had, VRChat is a blast. I hope you're all doing alright and staying healthy. .