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  1. Thanks! I just removed old custom bounds and am now relying on polygon bounds from cache so should work better if you restart now. Also play around with zoom levels to minimize failrate
  2. Added full settings support per task, save a loadout and select it in the task panel should be self-explanatory. Default: uses settings from the current loadout in the UI
  3. A green dragon killer that teleports to corporal beast (games necklace), walks to the dragons, kills them and teleports out with a ring of dueling.
  4. Added Konar support. - Kills monsters at specific location, if location isn't supported it will skip if you've enabled skipping otherwise will stop the script - Coming weeks I will try to support more locations per task Added option per task to select location.
  5. It won't pick up certain extremely low value items. Also there is a mounted teleport scroll on the floor by default when you have killed zulrah. Mage only will only use your mage gear, vice versa for Range. Select either or none (use both)