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  1. Do you have any idea what kind of programming language you want to start with? A good starting point is grabbing something called an IDE (integrated development environment), which is basically a fancy text editor with a bunch of programming-focused integrations and features. For that I recommend IntelliJ IDEA, which has plugins to support development in a bunch of different programming languages. You can find it here: https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/ Beyond that, having an idea of something you want to build is a good start. It will help keep you motivated if you hav
  2. Hi all, As you can read in our blog post here we're having a progress report competition. Please post your entries here.
  3. Locking this as you've told me in Discord that it's been resolved by using the new launcher 🙂
  4. Thanks for letting us know the message is wrong. Glad it worked, and yep we'll change that in the next update which will be tomorrow.
  5. _Rick


    We now have a F2P Runecrafting script at least which you can find here https://powbot.org/scripts/f2p-runecrafter
  6. Please try logging in with your username (display name) rather than your email address, so in this case that'd be Mugen.
  7. _Rick


    A free Runecrafting script that supports all F2P runes.
  8. Release 8.3.5 of the client includes two new Script.Manifest attributes trialDays = Length of trials in days markdownFileName = Name of a markdown file to be used on your dedicated script page Together with this client update, we'll be making some changes on the website today. Clicking a Script card in the store will no longer link to your forum thread, but will instead link to a dedicated page for your script that can accommodate reviews and your own detailed description. This is in order to reduce friction and make everything look a bit cleaner, and should mak
  9. Can't find jagexappletviewer.jar PowBot require you to have OldSchool RuneScape's official client installed according to Jagex's instructions. You can grab it here: https://www.runescape.com/oldschool/download On Linux? Check out https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Linux_game_installation_guide Error Code: 7B Check out this guide: https://powbot.org/community/index.php?/topic/143-macos-catalina-powbotloaderjar-error-7b/&tab=comments#comment-709
  10. We're currently gathering and collating information regarding bans for analysis and use in Project Antiban If you've been unfortunate enough to get hit with the hammer by Jagex, please leave a message here and tell us: - What did you bot (activity and location, not script) - Did you use any other clients? (yes/no is sufficient) - How many hours did you bot the same activity in total? - How many of those hours do you think were consecutive? - Did you switch up activities on the account or just do the same thing for days on end? - Do you ever play legit on the
  11. Project: Antiban Estimated Release Date: December 2020 / Ongoing The aim of this project is to investigate possible methods of bot detection and come up with ways to circumvent them. We will be exploring various areas where we might be exposed such as how we load the game, how we send input, what environment the client runs in etc. Progress - Changing the way the client loads the game ✅ - Changing what environmental/runtime information is accessible to the game ✅ - Covering our tracks with regards to accessor injections ✅ - Implementing h
  12. Very true, it definitely looks a bit over-commercialized
  13. big oof for the drumpf campaign
  14. Jeez that's very early! What got you into it?