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  1. Partial fix in 10/04/2021 build, needs more testing pls confirm
  2. Changes: Fixed menu misclicks Auto-login now works on mobile (just select account through the script selector same as desktop) Multi-instance support (run with -multi flag on command-line, you have to run at least once without) Can now start desktop client and mobile from same jar and compile scripts against the same jar making it easier to use Various callbacks added MessageListener GameTickListener NpcUpdateListener Various bugfixes Thanks for your feedback so far, enjoy!
  3. Hi @pnoidis this on mobile or desktop? Have you tried restarting the client, does it happen consistently?
  4. 26/03 Release - check support thread for new link Changes Asks if you want to run emulator or connect to ADB device on startup Menu clicking accuracy improvements Fixed a bug where report button was being clicked accidentally Fixed in viewport calculation Fixed minimap hook Fixed widget text hook
  5. Pre-requisites Java 11 installed (get it at https://adoptopenjdk.net) Previously ran PowBot (desktop version) and logged into the game once (required for some scripts to work) with clear cache disabled (Edit menu) For hardware acceleration install Intel HAXM (https://github.com/intel/haxm/releases/tag/v7.6.5) Make sure Hyper-V is enabled (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/virtualization/hyper-v-on-windows/quick-start/enable-hyper-v) If you're on Windows 10 Home follow https://www.itechtics.com/enable-hyper-v-windows-10-home/ 1. Obtaining
  6. Dear members, We're excited to let you know we will be continuing the development of the mobile client as a priority for the next few months, and are opening up the client to anyone with a VIP subscription starting on the 24th of March 2021. PowBot Mobile is one of the most technically challenging advancements in OSRS botting technology. Existing mobile botting tech tends to rely on primitive technology like color recognition or do not provide the flexibility we've come to expect from desktop bots (they're usually not scriptable). Our goal with this project is to change that by
  7. Check out https://powbot.org/scripts and enable the mobile filter (checkbox)
  8. We had some maintenance gone wrong, the issue should be resolved now. Thanks for reporting.
  9. The biggest difference is the lack of menu uptext, resulting in the bot having to click things in order to find the menu items. In any script that uses the API-provided interaction methods this is handled for you, though. Also if your script uses shift-dropping or some custom input it'll have to be ported to mobile or you should use the provided APIs. Also no model support on mobile yet, so you might need custom bounds set for interacting with some objects.
  10. Anticipating the release of PowBot Mobile Beta to VIP users (we're aiming for the coming weekend), here's a list of scripts we've tested and pre-approved so you'll be able to use them on mobile straight away: Woodcutting Pow Woodcutter (by Dan) Mining Pow Miner (by Dan) Runecrafting Pow Runecrafter (by _Rick) Combat iFighter (by Dan) Pow Cows (by _Rick) Pow Chickens (by _Rick) Pow Monastery (by _Rick)
  11. Do you have any idea what kind of programming language you want to start with? A good starting point is grabbing something called an IDE (integrated development environment), which is basically a fancy text editor with a bunch of programming-focused integrations and features. For that I recommend IntelliJ IDEA, which has plugins to support development in a bunch of different programming languages. You can find it here: https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/ Beyond that, having an idea of something you want to build is a good start. It will help keep you motivated if you hav
  12. Hi all, As you can read in our blog post here we're having a progress report competition. Please post your entries here.
  13. Locking this as you've told me in Discord that it's been resolved by using the new launcher 🙂
  14. Thanks for letting us know the message is wrong. Glad it worked, and yep we'll change that in the next update which will be tomorrow.
  15. _Rick


    We now have a F2P Runecrafting script at least which you can find here https://powbot.org/scripts/f2p-runecrafter