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  1. this is a bit of an early release, but I want to get some feedback regarding the current UI, how the script feels and any suggestions on what to add or improve on. some info on how the script (currently] works: at start up, cancels all current offers and collects to BANK (where they won't be touched) the funds you set determines if the bot will buy something, not how much coins is in your inventory. incorrect fund number will cause the bot to break you make offers, and the script goes through them one by one waiting 4 hours (buy limit reset) before creating same offer again I currently don't keep track of how many you buy so even if you buy one of an item and the buy limit is 12k, the script still waits 4 hours till it buys again across sessions. it keeps itself logged in by simulating a spacebar press every 4-5 minutes once bought something, automatically sets offer's status to sell and vice versa some features im thinking of adding: option to log off for set amount of time to avoid being online all the time showing all offers in the UI with option to edit them button to clear list of offers saved (all offers made are instantly saved) live editing of offers list (edit while bot is running) option to add filler offers (set of offers I've made beforehand to fill in if all your own offers have been bought and sold and the bot is waiting for 4 hour limit) priority list (cancels lower prio offers for higher ones) keep in mind this is in beta so please don't leave it running without keeping an eye on it If you have any suggestions do let me know either on this thread or on discord (dagobert anka [gutizia#2916]) PICTURES OF (current and unpolised} UI get it here: https://powbot.org/scripts/flipper disclaimer: the script CAN missclick when selling/buy so dont have anything in the inventory you're not willing to sell
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