February 2021 Updates

Written by const_ on 23/12/2020

PowBot Mobile

February 2021 saw the BETA release of PowBot Mobile to script writers so that they could test/modify their scripts to support PowBot Mobile. PowBot Mobile is the first public scriptable bot for OSRS Mobile, we're aiming to keep feature parity between the desktop and mobile client. We hope to do a public release in the coming week, PowBot Mobile will be VIP only.

API Updates

The new Stream API has extra functionality added to make it easier to use, this API will be the focus of more updates over the next couple of months.

Model Changes

We've made some notable changes to how models and interactions work behind the scenes in the client, the main aim of these changes are to improve performance when using models as well as interaction accuracy. You'll notice that when running scripts now the models don't appear to be animated, this is intended and a result of the change.

Site Updates

We've made the following improvements to the PowBot site:

  • You can now select "Added" under the "Type" dropdown when searching scripts to see scripts you have added.
  • Infinite scrolling has been added when browsing scripts.
  • A Developer page has been added for script writers so that they can manage the scripts they've created.

That sums up February' updates - we look forward to releasing more information about the PowBot client soon!