December 2020 Updates

Written by const_ on 23/12/2020

Bot Manager

December 2020 saw the release of the PowBot Bot Manager, this allows you to control your running PowBot clients (start/stop/pause scripts) from anywhere and see what's the current state of them (you actually get a screenshot every few seconds).

You can read follow future updates/planned functionality on the the Project Bot Manager, thread.

New Windows Launcher

We've released a new PowBot Windows launcher to help ease the burden of setting up the client and getting Java 11 installed. You can download it from the homepage if you're on Windows.

Unfortuneatly it's being picked up as a false positive by some AV's so we decided to open source the launcher itself which can be found here.

We are currently working on a new launcher which won't have the false positive issues and will be available for all OS's.

Web Walker Improvements

We've made some big improvements to the web walker which is currently in BETA, these updates include (but not limited to):

  • Generic obstacle handler (Thanks to Chris B and rez), this can be found here in the open source API and could do with some improvement/more functionality so please feel free to open a PR
  • Various data fixes
  • Item/Teleport interactions now work correctly
  • Movement#walkTo will try walk locally first then use the web if required

Proggie Competition (180M OSRS up for grabs!!)

We've launched a new competition which ends on the 1st of January, read about it here.

Internal Client Changes

We're constantly making changes in the client whcih aren't as noticable which help improve stability, performance, undetectability and so on. This month saw a number of changes in all of those areas so hopefully you'll notice a smoother client.

That sums up Decembers' updates - we look forward to sharing our January 2021 updates with you in the new year!

Merry christmas from the PowBot team! <3