November 2020 Updates

Written by _Rick on 08/12/2020

We're going to start keeping track of client/company updates in this new blog series. You can expect one "update" blog post at the end of every month, starting with November 2020. The objective here is to make sure that the entire community is informed of what we're working on and what progress has been made. Without further ado, let's get into it.

Using the official game client

November 2020 saw the release of the new PowBot client, which now requires you to have the official OldSchool RuneScape client installed on your computer.

This was a major part of Project Antiban, in which we've been trying to reduce the ways in which our client can be detected by Jagex and make it all a bit more stealthy.

Anyone having difficulties starting the client after this update should have a look at this troubleshooting thread.

Model hulls

We've started to make some big improvements to the clicking accuracy of PowBot. In the update we're now using model hulls rather than selecting a random vertex, which makes a lot more sense. More improvements are to be made here throughout December.

Real-time, more human-like mouse

The original RSBot mouse we inherited had some serious limitations on the front of early abort and interacting with moving targets. Our new mouse algorithm enables us to track and follow moving objects, drastically increasing the click accuracy and speed with which the bot can operate.

This was also a pre-requisite for further behavioural improvements, such as being able to move the camera and interact with an object at the same time, or clicking things while walking (for example when switching trees while Woodcutting). Specifically we can see huge performance in Combat scripts like iFighter and RSlayer, where we can now target and interact with NPCs in a faster and more fluid manner.

Proxy support

One of the most requested features since we took over from Powerbot has been proxy support, and we're happy to announce that SOCKS proxy support has now landed. You can paste in your list of proxies through the Edit menu in the client.

Cache security

In order to prevent carrying any data over between botting sessions and contaminating accounts, every instance of the bot will now have it's own cache directory allocated to it. This is enabled by default, but you can turn this feature off through the Edit menu.

Beta of the Web Walker

We've made the beta version of the web walker available for script writers to use. The aim is to provide a standard way of navigating around the world of OSRS, enabling scripts to access more areas than ever before. We will be constantly adding new data to this navigation system as it comes in, so expect obstacle handling and accessible areas to expand going forward.

New scripts

A couple of new scripts were released in November, here's a summary:

iFighter by Dan

Released: 16/11/2020

A brand new all-in-one Combat script that supports banking, food, potions, looting items, protection prayers, safe spots and loads more. A great choice for training those Attack, Strength and Defence levels. Oh, and it supports Ranged too of course.

Giant Slayer by Toma

Released: 30/11/2020

This script kills Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon. Supports banking, safespotting, looting, and burying bones.

Auto AK Warriors by Coma

Released: 01/11/2020

A nice, simple Combat script that kills Al-Kharid Warriors in, you've guessed it, Al-Kharid.

Auto Construction Pro by Coma

Released: 01/11/2020

Our first and only Construction script at this time. Supports all common furniture including Oak Larders, butlers, and Phials.

That sums up Novembers' updates - we look forward to sharing our December updates with you towards the start of the new year!

We're thinking about doing something nice for Christmas, so stay tuned! <3