Tips for Avoiding Bans

Written by _Rick on 07/12/2020

Using bots for OSRS always comes with the risk of being banned, and you should be aware of this. These bans don't necessarily have anything to do with the client or script being detected, but can happen simply due to people reporting you or your character behaving unnaturally.

PowBot invests a great deal of effort into making sure that the actual client is as stealthy as possible, and we avoid giving any indication to Jagex that you're using a 3rd party client. Despite that, you should consider following some of the advice outlined in this article to further reduce your chances of being banned in OldSchool RuneScape.

Don't look like a bot

At this point, we believe that a large proportion of bans originate from being reported by legitimate players. For that reason, try to avoid looking like a bot where possible. You'll often find appearance patterns in bot farms. There's the infamous bald-headed default character that a lot of bots tend to use, but also entire bot farms that have purple trousers and weird names, which you can typically find chopping trees, fishing or doing other money-making activities.

Try to make your character unique, in both appearance and name, to make it less likely that legitimate players will pre-emptively report you even if you're not botting.

Don't bot for hours at a time

We understand you're excited to get your levels up and generate that GP, but botting boring activities for hours at a time is a dead giveaway. Yes, there are cases of people botting for days straight without getting banned, but you should be aware that these are a minority. Make sure you use the Break System built into PowBot or manually stop your bots now and then to take a break.

More varied activities

Avoid botting the same thing consistently for days on end. Legitimate players rarely focus on one particular skill or resource gathering exercise for days in a row, so neither should you. Try different scripts, different skills, and try to maintain a healthy balance of playing legitimately and playing with assistance.

Do quests and minigames

Most people that bot avoid completing quests due to the time and effort required. Questing bots are rare, so you can really increase your odds of avoiding detection by doing quests and playing minigames. Don't just focus on XP gain and making money, but balance it out with some "fun" content as well.

Be social

Typically bots do not interact with legitimate players in the game whatsoever, which is another obvious giveaway. Try to join a clan chat, talk to people around you and trade with people in order to show that there is a human behind your character.

We hope these tips will help you bot responsibly and avoid detection. Happy botting!