What happened to Powerbot / RSBot, and what happens now?

Written by _Rick on 03/12/2020

The shutdown

As you might already know, Powerbot shut down at the start of October 2020, bringing an end to the oldest bot client available for OldSchool RuneScape. Originally started way back in 2008, RSBot had an impressive run with a lot of ups and downs. In the end, the stress and effort of dealing with constant legal proceedings seemed to be too much and a settlement was reached.

The original domain (powerbot.org) was handed over to Jagex and now redirects to the official RuneScape® website.

The reboot

Thankfully, we've been able to bring RSBot back with the support of some of the original developers and much of the dedicated powerbot community. We've had to rebrand (can't use the name powerbot after all) to PowBot, but you can expect the same level of service, the same scripts and a vastly improved client from us over the next few months.

We're hoping that much of the original userbase will return and most of the scripts that were on powerbot will be republished.

After a good amount of time spent fixing long-standing issues with the client and modernizing it, we believe we're now ready to service all your botting needs.

Going forward

One of the major complaints we've heard about RSBot was the lack of new developments, allowing other bots to catch up. As the new owners of RSBot, we're dedicated to modernizing and improving upon the legacy, and we have already released a substantial number of updates to help with ban rates, resource usage and general stability. Most notably, we've just released the first version of Project Antiban which you can read more about here: Project Antiban

On top of the efforts to make the client more stealthy, we're also planning to release a host of new features for Script Writers to use, such as our Official Web Walker which is currently in BETA. The walker will form the basis for some larger updates planned for Q1 2021, such as the ability to create a script schedule. This scheduling system would allow you to seemlessly transition between scripts based on certain criteria like time spent, XP gained, and more. You can find more information about the web walker here: Project Web Walker.

We're hoping that you'll join us on our journey to return RSBot to it's rightful place as the #1 OSRS bot.

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Thank you for reading!